Development sizes

EPH 10 - EPH 160

On wastewater treatment plants or on industrial wastewater treatment plants the ELECTRO-PHOSPHATE PRECIPITATORS EPH 10, 20, 40, 120 or 160 are used.

EPH 10
EPH 20
EPH 40
EPH 120 with pipe electrodes EPH 160


The ELECTRO-PHOSPHATE PRECIPITATOR EPH 5 is designed for small wastewater treatment plants or the swimming pool cleaning and must be mounted weather-protected. Wall assembly is intended.


Electrode material

Wastewater treatment plants: mostly tube electrodes from iron
Industrial wastewater cleaning: depending upon conditions pipe electrodes or electrodes plates from iron, diamond electrodes
Baths, fish farms, drinking water purification: pipe electrodes or electrodes planes from iron, titanium or diamond
For environmental protection reasons no aluminium electrodes are recommended!

Some variations of tube electrodes